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It's better to laugh than cry!


Empowering people with disability through humour and fashion.




20% of all purchases goes to 
animal rescue, disability and environmental organisations.


Having had MS myself for over 25 years, I have learnt that a sense of humour is vital for survival. Self-pity is emotionally damaging and can be very limiting mentally.

The aim of DareAbility is to provide for those who dare to use humour and to look lightly on the moment of the individuals’ challenges or hardship. I say “moment” of challenge or hardship, whether it be physical or mental in nature, as it may only be a moment of humour. The next day, hour or even minute may not feel so funny, but it’s important to laugh, sometimes at yourself, and people around you definitely love to laugh with you.

Stop feeling down or like a victim all the time and have a giggle! Let there be laughter!! Everyone has their own crap! Everyone deals with misfortune on some level. Appreciate having a good sense of humour. It is simply survival of a desperate situation and whatever gets you through it, shows a very strong character with self preservation.

I feel that not only do these slogans reflect humour but also help to educate others on how a person is affected by their symptoms to those who may not be so familiar with MS or any other illness which can also share similar symptoms.

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