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Most people usually with a disability feel like they need to explain why they are looking well even though they are suffering in silence.. ..“But you don’t look sick!” – You can’t judge a book by its cover just like a person can’t be taken at face value.

There are many illnesses mental or physical which disguise how a person is really feeling. This slogan explains this, using humour showing that they are not feeling the same as they appear to be.

Also the slogan gives viewers a look beyond appearances and an understanding to the effect of the inner disease. For example the following statements are from people requiring disabled parking to assist having a close and accessible proximity to a destination.”

After parking in a disabled spot I experienced ‘sideway glances’ or being questioned by someone as to my reason for parking there while displaying my sticker on the windscreen. I didn’t use a wheelchair or any kind of walking aid but suffering severely from fatigue, I know how much I need a close spot to the supermarket.

“I have MS and I may have the energy or balance to walk to the shops, but after running around doing errands, I’m totally worn out and knowing my car isn’t far away gives me great relief. It also lets others know that I’m legit!” On one hand their sense of fairness and concern for people with a disability is appreciated however it leaves a feeling of guilt, which is wrong and unnecessary.

Also it’s a look beyond appearances and having a better understanding of the effects and the inner disease…




Looking MarvelouS...

feeling like crap!

“Humour is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.”

- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

Sexiest Chap in a Chair!

Lighthearted look at the man, not the chair -  i.e. There’s more to them and he’s sharing a laugh! The disease hasn’t taken his personality and sense of humour at least. He is still the same person prior to his illness and regards himself like any other person with a sense of humour would.


Looking like a Million dollarS, feeling like 1c!


This represents a person who may not always show the effects of a disease or condition no matter how bad they might feel, it is a more refined expression of “Looking MarvelouS..!“. Although they can be complimented on how well they appear, it is often very misleading.


Wheels Angels

A light-hearted play on the “Hells Angels” theme riding on wheels for either scooters or walkers on wheels.

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